Interactive Webtool for Compound Traits

Relations between cognitive abilities and compound personality traits are depicted as links within the circle.

Instructions: Hover over a segment around the border of the circle (e.g., Number Facility’s grey rectangle) to examine relations with other traits. Click here for help.

Label formatting and color shading differentiates constructs at different levels of the Stanek & Ones (2018) ability and personality taxonomies (left and right hemispheres of the chart, respectively). Pink personality traits are those most influenced by neuroticism. Purple traits are those most influenced by agreeableness. Blue are most influenced by conscientiousness, orange by extraversion, and yellow by openness.

Link width corresponds to absolute magnitude of meta-analytic correlation (corrected for unreliability) from Stanek & Ones (2023).

Only relations based on 10 or more studies or at least 1,000 people are depicted.

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